Hey!!! We love wax museums! We have made it a point in our travels to visit every wax museum that we can! The list grows, and you can clearly see that each wax museum helps us all learn a little about ourselves, and about the city or country that the museum is in! The following is not only a super fun visit into the world of celebrity, but also an anthropological study examining the choices that the curators have made! ...But we don't want to get too "brainy" on you! So, without further ado, here's


How many wax museums have you been to? We just love 'em! So far, our list includes: San Francisco, Amsterdam, Prague, Ioninna, Rome, Tijuana, Hollywood, Las Vegas, New York City, and Paris. The best part is that there are still so many more for us to go and see!!! There is also a new wave in wax museum philosophy, where folks actually can touch and love the sculptures like the people that they represent!



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