"I love you, Kirstin and Gaby"
"Sooner or later, Rex, you will be OURS!
What do you have to say that?"

(and he replies, as he holds us in his arms),

"And I don't know, how I knew it, but I knew it, somehow. You're the answer to the question no one's answered till now. And I don't know what y'see in me, but girl(s), its nothing to what I see in you.
Stars that glisten, lips for kissin', honey(s), listen, its true.
No one ever loved you better...I love ya
And I've known a girl or two, but none of them (were) you. And they never could be what you (two) are to me!
Honey(s) listen, it's true. I love you (two)

(song has been pluralised to fit the requirements of BOYCRAZY USA)



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