Boycrazy USA is proud to present you with the best quotes received by us.

  • "Do you like Muscle Cars? Do you like Ice Cream? Do you like Van Halen? Do you like Jacuzzi's? Do you want to go home with me?"
    -John Michael Myrick
  • "girls like you drive me crazy...beautiful and talented!"
    -boy at Flash
  • "if you two weren't so cool I would've fucked both of you by now!"
    -A. M. Jones in NYC
  • "every half hour is a half hour of heaven."
    -Robert Brostrom of SFSU
  • "Finally, two hot rock chicks are in the bar tonight...take me home...I've got the six-pack!"
    -Cali in L.A.
  • "If it helps, miss personality, you look FLAWLESS"
    -boy at Spaceland
  • "I don't care what color you are, baby, I'm a MAN and you're a WOMAN"
    -man at 7-11
  • "You should tell your boss to give you a raise 'cause you shore look smart"
    -95 year old man at liquor store
  • "I've got a really cool highrise in Hollywood. You should come and check it out some sometime."
    -man with crocodile dundee hat on new years eve 1999
  • "You're the mayor of Excitement City!"
    -Jimmy Hey of L.A.
  • "In a beauty contest, you ALL win!"
    -older magician at Magic Castle
  • "Are we going to get shot?" (cop says...)"No, you're too beautiful to get shot"
    (Kirstin talking to cop at "stakeout")...
"WHAT Did you say?!?"




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