Hey! we LOVE Hanoi Rocks!!! And who is more beautiful than Michael Monroe???
Here's some cool trivia about the cutest boy and band to ever come out of Finland!!!

  • The first Hanoi Rocks album was originally called Some Like It Hot according to Michael's Marilyn Monroe t-shirt.
  • While in Sweden, the Hanoi guys lived in Blåskulla in Solna, just outside the city of Stockholm.
  • In the "first" Hanoi Rocks line-up, Nasty's name was Nasty McCoy.
  • Before Hanoi Rocks Andy used to call himself Andy Monroe or Andy von Hulkko.
  • Razzle, R.I.P.    love, boycrazy USAMichael Monroe's birthday is the 17th of June 1962.
  • Andy McCoy's birthday is the 11th of October 1962.
  • Nasty Suicide's birtday is the 27th of February 1963.
  • Sam Yaffa's birthday is the 4th of September 1963.
  • Razzle was born on the 2nd of December 1960 and he died on the 9th of December 1984.
  • Keimo Hirvonen played drums on the first Hanoi-single "I Want You / Kill City Kills". He played with Maukka Perusjätkä at that time.
  • "I Want You" is an English version of a Swedish rocksong "Jag vill ha dig" which Andy translated into English.
  • The real names of the guys:
    Michael: Matti Fagerholm, Andy: Antti Hulkko, Nasty: Jan Stenfors, Sam: Sami Takamäki, Gyp: Jesper Sporre, Razzle: Nicholas Dingley
  • "Tooting Bec Wreck" was written about their apartment in Tooting, London... and about tooting!
  • The last Hanoi Rocks album was originally called Silver Missiles And Nightingales.
  • In the early 1980's Andy McCoy said that he'll die on the 14th of September 1985.
  • Nasty almost died face down in a toilet in Stockholm in 1983.
  • In 1983 Andy composed a few songs for Japanese singer Honda. Andy, Sam and Razzle played on Honda's album.
  • Andy has composed some songs for Alice Cooper but they have not been recorded.
  • Samantha Fox covered the Suicide Twins' song The Best Is Yet To Come.
  • Guns'n'Roses song Right Next Door To Hell was written by Timo Kaltio, Izzy Stradlin and Axl Rose.
  • Toto Coelo's, Anita Chellemah-pre-Cherry Bombz "smash hit" was "I Eat Cannibals".
  • Michael Monroe played the guitarist in the subway station in Nona Hendryx's very rare video "I Need Love".
  • Michael Monroe can be seen in the Sun City video by Artists Against Apartheid.
  • Andy McCoy can be seen with Steve Jones in Iggy Pop's video for Cold Metal.
  • Michael Monroe plays harmonica and saxophone (which is mixed very down) on the Guns'n'Roses song "Bad Obsession" and does a duet with Axl Rose on Ain't it Fun.
  • Michael Monroe & Slash recorded Steppenwolf's Magic Carpet Ride for the soundtrack to the movie Coneheads.
  • Andy McCoy's girlfriend, Angela Nicoletti was originally Izzy Stradlin's girlfriend.
  • Vince Neil was a convicted twice for drunk driving before THAT ACCIDENT!!!
  • Jet Boy songs "Bloodstone", "Locked In A Cage" and "Make Some Noise" were used in a silly teen-movie "The Burbs" (USA, 1989).
  • Andy had said that Sam Yaffa (Yaffa is an Israelian fruit trade mark) got his name because he resembles an orange.
  • Hanoi Rocks had an audition with Alvin Gibbs after Sam left the band and he was supposed to be Sam's successor.
  • In winter 1986 Johnny Thunders dedicated "Born To Lose" to Andy at YO-House of Tampere, Finland.
  • "Dead, Jail Or Rock'n'Roll" was originally titled "Dead Or In Jail".
  • Razzle died in a red '72 Ford Pantera.
  • Shooting Gallery song "I Mess Around" was played in Harley Davidson And The Marlboro Man movie.
  • Nasty Suicide appears on Guns'n'Roses video Paradise City.
  • Sam appears in the Tommy Chong movie "Far Out Man" (1990) in the band The Fartzz
  • Mick Jagger introduced Ronnie Wood in Helsinki (summer 1998) as "The London version of Andy McCoy... mr. Ronnie Wood!"
  • this was all taken from the most informative Hanoi Rocks Website EVER!

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