"I'm not a superman, I'm a rock-'n'-roller, I'm a guitar player, I ain't nothin else."

-Marc Bolan

Birth Name: Mark Feld
Birthdate: September 30, 1947
Sign: Libra
Religion: Jewish

Marc Bolan is perfect.


We love him so much, we consulted the stars to guide us in our research.

Venus is the ruling planet for libra...which accounts for the Libran's sociability and beauty. The typical Libran has natural good looks and is blessed with an easygoing disposition- just as long as he gets his own way. It is certainly the vainest, even to the point of narcissism. The most distinctive features of the typical Libran are the eyes and wide jaw; the eyes are generally large and wide open. When in repose and untroubled the Libran face is possibly the most beautiful face of the Zodiac. The body is usually graceful and often athletic. Being vain, the Libran has the constant urge to exhibit the body beautiful. He will tend to use his attractiveness to obtain whatever he needs, but there is also a necessity for others to need and want him.

So that you could see genius in the making, some lyrics...


We love love love love him.
We wish we knew knew knew knew him.

This was possibly the last picture ever taken of Marc Bolan.    

He is an inspiration to us.
We think about him every day.


He is a magical prince, and we love him. The way we feel about him is too profound to be reduced to the confines of your computer screen.