before the operation

still smart

  I was real scared when I heard that my wisdom teeth were gonna go. I heard so many storys about the bad things that happen when their wisdom teeth have to go. Like the story that it hurt and that the holes filled up with roten food. And the dentist steals your gold teeth and sells them. But I knew that it had to happen. The story that scared me the most though was the story that I would be less smart when I got them taken out. I was so scared and wondered if I would be able to do all my brainy things and if I could use all my years in school any more. But I ask my dentist if I would be half as smart because I only got two out and she said, "yes kirstin you will be half as smart after you get your wisdom teeth out".
  But I am proud to say that I still got all my brains and that the dentist was wrong about everything. I want you all to see that this is a true storie and that I am still smart. The first picture is me when I was smart and then this is the picture of me now. You can tell I am still smart.

  These are my teeth. I asked the dentist if the tooth fairy accepted teeth from adults and she said yes. But I think that I will make earrings instead. This is my teeth. I want to make earrings from them. I hope that there will be some earring backs for them and I can wear them out to party on weekend nights!
  Boycrazy USA love their teeth and want you to love them too. So, there will be a episode of the show where you can see them coming out of me. Also you can see the cavitys of Gaby be filled. Make sure you clean your teeth so you don't have to get your teeth filled. In case you are wondering, gold teeth run about $600-$700 dollars. And if you have to get a fake tooth, that is the only way to go.



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