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We all know that there are two ways to get a gold tooth.
Most of us pay the dentist and he helps us out, but the lucky
ones get their teeth straight from the guy that made 'em!

Testimonies of Ministry in Glasgow
Meetings with Steve Long & Rob Critchley - April 9-11, 1998

"Before anyone even prayed, Bill looked in my mouth and saw a large gold tooth and some silver fillings. I did not expect or believe but it happened anyway"



"Before Steve prayed for the jaw problems he said check the teeth of your neighbour. The man next to me said you have a gold coloured filling. I said I can't have... we haven't prayed yet. But God had already begun giving out gold fillings so we prayed and in several parts of the room, as we prayed, God began to work. People from all parts of the room began to discover fillings had turned gold in colour. I'm astounded."

"Ann telephoned me and told me that people were receiving gold filings at Friday night's meeting. Ann had been praying for me as I was unable to be at the meeting and I had broken a tooth on Tuesday of the week. I was joking with my housegroup on Tuesday about receiving a gold filling so that I would not have to go to the dentist on Friday. Anne told me to look in the mirror. I did but I only looked at my broken tooth that had been filled by the dentist the day before and it was still white. As I was driving to pick up Ann to go to the Normandy, I looked in my mouth when I stopped at traffic lights and saw two of my teeth on the other side glinting. I thought that it was the sunshine through the windows. On arriving at Ann's she confirmed that my tooth was gold and the other one next to it was silver. I was Godsmacked. Praise the Lord."

"On 30th March I had two back molar crowns fitted and there on one of them that night
was a small round piece of bright silver/white gold glistening away. I was Godsmacked. Already I have shown people and it's a wonderful introduction to God's power. My bottom back fillings shine also, no longer dull. I love God's sense of humour".

When I got home Suzanne phoned to tell me about the gold teeth in the service. Later that evening as I was sitting having coffee a thought occurred to me God can do all things!! So I sat there and prayed, Father if this is for Glasgow I want to be part of it PLEASE PLEASE GIVE ME GOLD IN MY MOUTH, and guess what I went into the bathroom to look in the mirror on the of chance well KNOCK MY SOCKS OFF!! my filling had changed to a gold (dark albeit but definitely gold) I just stood there and rejoiced, I almost fell over with delight. I asked Suzanne to check my mouth and she confirmed what I believed THERE'S GOLD IN MY MOUTH !!!!!!!



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