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We just LOVE Adam Ant! Dreamy to the max, and a new wave pioneer to boot! Lets see what he has to say about himself!

Adam Ant says....

"I've never taken drugs in my life, because I've seen what it does to other people. Believe me, drugs are Old Hat. It's sex that is the wonderful hope."

"Ants are so strong and intelligent. People are scared of insects - especially the ant. Because of that they try not to recognize their existence."

"I spend my cash on looking FLASH and grabbing your attention!" (adam ant)adamites : members of several sects from the second and third centuries on, originating in north Africa and spreading to Europe, aspiring to the innocence of Adam and therefore not subject to man-made laws. they defied conventions, including marriage, and discarded their clothes at religious meetings. They dwindled in numbers, occasionally revived, but in the fifteenth century public antipathy because of alleged crimes and immorality brought about their suppression. In England they called themselves 'brothers and sisters of the Free Spirit'.



Hey! Did you ever stop to think that "Madam, I'm Adam" is a PALINDROME?


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